[av_google_map height=’400px’ zoom=’16’ saturation=” hue=” zoom_control=’aviaTBzoom_control’]
[av_gmap_location address=’Infinity loop’ city=’Cupertino’ country=’USA’ long=’-122.03074809999998′ lat=’37.3319426′ tooltip_display=’aviaTBaviaTBtooltip_display’ marker=’46798′ attachment=” imagesize=’40’]
As you can see you can place unlimited markers, attach tooltips and also set custom images for your markers!
You can also tint the map, apply saturation etc 🙂
[av_gmap_location address=’Valley Green Dr’ city=’Cupertino’ country=’USA’ long=’-122.0330361′ lat=’37.3315469′ marker=’46798′ attachment=” imagesize=’40’ tooltip_display=”]
This is another tooltip
[av_gmap_location address=’Lucile Ave’ city=’Cupertino’ country=” long=’-122.02550819999999′ lat=’37.3339428′ marker=’46798′ attachment=” imagesize=’40’ tooltip_display=”][/av_gmap_location]
[av_gmap_location address=’Greenleaf Dr’ city=’Cupertino’ country=’USA’ long=’-122.04038309999999′ lat=’37.3306862′ marker=” attachment=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=”]
This is another small tooltip 🙂
[av_gmap_location address=’Merrit Dr’ city=’Cupertino’ country=’USA’ long=’-122.02224749999999′ lat=’37.3301794′ marker=” attachment=” imagesize=’20’ tooltip_display=”][/av_gmap_location]
[av_gmap_location address=’Dunbar Dr’ city=’Cupertino’ country=’USA’ long=’-122.0380745′ lat=’37.3297997′ marker=” attachment=” imagesize=’20’][/av_gmap_location]

[av_one_full first]
[av_heading heading=’Some Information’ tag=’h3′ color=’meta-heading’ style=” padding=’10’]

You can display a google map element anywhere you like. Here we are using the template builder to display a google map element with multiple locations.

[av_heading heading=’Send us mail’ tag=’h3′ color=’meta-heading’ style=” padding=’10’]

[av_contact email=” button=’Submit’ title=” sent=’Your message has been sent!’ autorespond=” captcha=”]
[av_contact_field label=’Name’ type=’text’ options=” check=’is_empty’ width=’element_half’]
[av_contact_field label=’E-Mail’ type=’text’ options=” check=’is_email’ width=’element_half’]
[av_contact_field label=’Subject’ type=’text’ options=” check=’is_empty’ width=”]
[av_contact_field label=’Message’ type=’textarea’ options=” check=’is_empty’ width=”]

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