Project goals:
The project aims at strengthening the internationalization of Silva & Ventura, not only through the consolidation in the markets where it operates but mainly through the penetration in more demanding foreign markets and high added value in the north and center of Europe (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) , USA, Chile and south African economies where the construction sector is becoming increasingly widespread.
The company bet on quality and innovation as differentiators against the competition factors, providing greater design solutions that enable customers to reduce installation and assembly costs.
The outlined internationalization strategy is not only for making various contacts with demand in order to listen to market needs and characteristics (prospection trips) as well as the participation in various reference fairs of construction sectors, conducting market studies in order to match supply and commercial strategy and development of marketing plan. This internationalization strategy will be complemented by hiring a highly qualified developer for the commercial department which will manage functions as the foreign market.

– Project nº: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-013645
– Planned eligible investment: € 172,676
– Approved Incentive: € 77,704.20

 – Approval date: 26-02-2016

– Project Implementation period: 28/10/2015 to 27/10/2017

Project images:

Project Results:

Silva & Ventura, with the project, increased its turnover volume by 35% compared to the forecast. In view of the pre-project year, the company achieved a growth rate in the foreign markets of around 233%, thus being present in the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Norway and France markets.

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