Slimframe PV & Cork Skin – Multifunctional facade development integrating manufactures photovoltaic system with hidden fixing

Promoter:  Silva & Ventura, Lda
Co-promoter (s): Amorim Isolamentos, S.A.

Project description

A Silva & Ventura Lda., The copromotores (Amorim Insulators SA and ITeCons) and partner (Onyx Solar Energy SL) intend to develop a sustainable facade type kit solution consisting of a modular system with the ability to accumulate multiple functions and provide multiple configurations, integrating insulation cork (ICB) and photovoltaic glass (PV) fixed by innovative mechanisms. Will develop the design target setting mechanism glass support element (wall) to ensure the absence of frame profiles contributing to the slimness of the end appearance of the facade (slim frame). This is ensured by knowledge and installed promoter capacity, this fastening system reaches a level of sophistication and innovation above state of the art, with advantages of architectural and technical integration: measures the level of concealment of its elements and wiring of PV and physical performance (thermal, waterproofing, mechanical).

It is intended that the façade system check simultaneously insulation characteristics with low environmental impact and passive and active use of solar energy. Thus, the main objective of the project is the development of a multifunctional façade solution with thermal and energy characteristics optimized, adjusted to technical and climatic requirements of different locations in Europe. The system will have as main attributes: (1) use of glass PVcom the use of amorphous silicon technology (advantageous for the efficient capture of energy); (2) utilization of the air that circulates in-box air between the glass PV and ICB insulating layer for the benefit of air quality and hygrothermal comfort inside the building as well as to reduce the energy requirements for climatization ( passive system for heating and cooling indoor environment); (3) the use of a hidden attachment interface PV glass support (spandrel) with thermal and with the ability to hide the cabling of the PV system; (4) the application of thermal insulation 100% natural and recyclable, with design and cutting parameterized and customizable 3D, which optimizes the full thermal performance and incorporates an innovative aesthetic; (5) the flexibility inherent in a system that can display modules with different configurations depending on the desired application, and these incorporate topcoat cork sight glass or glass PV, and can be applied to both new buildings and rehabilitation actions .

Project activities

A.1. Preliminary studies and system definition;
A.2. Development of the clamping mechanism of the glasses;
A.3. the overall performance evaluation and system optimization;
A.4. Campaign experimental validation:
A.5. Dissemination of results and promotion.

– Project Nº: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-003408
– Planned investment: € 434 757.44
– Approved Incentive: € 290 335.93
– Project Implementation period: 10/01/2015 to 30/09/2016

Slimframe PV & Cork Skin – Desenvolvimento de fachada multifuncional integrando cortiça e sistema fotovoltaico com fixação oculta

Promotor: Silva & Ventura, Lda
Co-Promotor(es):  Amorim Isolamentos, S.A.



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