S-Vitech was responsible for the Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass implementation in the refurbishment of the Convento Madre Deus de Monchique, where the NEYA Porto Hotel born.  S-Vitech represents Onyx Solar in Portugal and has completed the work by filling an area of 159m2 with 80 units of amorphous silicon photovoltaic glass (which is 1849×1245 mm and 2456 x 1245 mm in size) with a nominal power of 7.5kWp and estimated energy of 9,428 kWh / year.

Located in the riverside area of the city, NEYA Porto Hotel will combine contemporary with historical heritage and sustainability, brand values of a 4-star hotel, which will feature 124 rooms and 12 suites overlooking the Douro.

This project by Atelier PK Arquitetos with the collaboration of Colectivo ODD, has the signature of architects Francisca Magalhães Ramalho, responsible architect, Sérgio Bernardo, André Almeida and Gonçalo Moreira. The decoration work was developed in partnership with the decorator Inês Albuquerque Lima.

vidro fotovoltaíco Onyx Solar


Amorphous silicon glass offers the perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality. This solar PV glass shows the same mechanical properties as a conventional, architectural glass used in construction.

It follows themost stringent safety standards in construction, required for architectural glass. However, in addition, it also generates free and clean energy thanks to the sun (active solar properties). It can also be customized in terms of shape, color, size, thickness, and semi-transparency degrees. It works very well under diffuse light conditions (overcast).

Advantages of Amorphous Silicon Solar PV Glass

  • It produces more power than crystalline Silicon glass when under diffuse light conditions and high temperatures.
  • It offers a very uniform appearance, easing a clean installation.
  • It offers different visible light transmittance levels, up to 30%.
  • It offers flexibility in design since it can be tailored to architectural needs.
vidro fotovoltaíco Onyx Solar
Foto: PK arquitetos & colectivo ODD
vidro fotovoltaíco Onyx Solar
Foto: PK arquitetos & colectivo ODD

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