Quality management

A Silva & Ventura, Lda has implemented the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, which was certified by SGS for the activities of:
Development and manufacture of mechanical fittings systems from materials. Development and manufacture of mechanized accessories. Providing machining services.

Certificate: Certificate ISO 9001


Quality Policy

Based on the mission and vision presented above, SILVA & VENTURA’s Quality Policy is defined as the design and development of products and solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, seeking to:

  • Meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring that the products fully meet the required specifications, within the established deadlines;
  • Maintain strategic partnerships established with all suppliers in order to ensure the best materials and techniques and validations appropriate for placing the product on the market;
  • Maintain the commitment to the internationalization of the company and the S-VITECH brand;
  • Maintain a focus on the knowledge and development of the full potential of all employees, at the level of the individual and the teams, ensuring adequate skills renewal;
  • Monitor the evolution of the various monitoring indicators of the processes in order to guarantee the adequate framework for the revision of the quality objectives of the organization;
  • Continuously maintain and improve the Quality Management System, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the reference standard.
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